Πέμπτη, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

Mini Tesla Coil (Slayer Exciter)

Last November I went to Beograd with a friend of mine and we couldn't resist visiting Nicolas Tesla museum. There is a room with his famous Tesla coil which produces thousands of volt, the guide there tell the people to take some fluorine bulbs and when he turns on the switch, magic happens, and the bulbs turn on wirelessly, with no connections at all! The trick is at that voltage the electromagnetic force is very big and makes the fluorine to glow. I searched the web for a simple tesla coil and most of them are similar with different NPN transistor but still we have the same results. The connections are pretty similar but the basic rule is : Vs = Vp (Np/Ns)
*Vs = Voltage Of Secondary Coil
*Vp = Voltage Of Primary Coil
*Np = Number Of Turns Of Primary Coil
*Ns = Number Of Turns Of Secondary Coil

In my Experiment I use a 12v Battery and Np is 400 turns while Ns = 2-3 turns, So you can make the calculations and see the final Voltage. For the coil I used a plastic pipe of 28 cm length and 2,5 cm diameter. The wire is magnet wire especially for coils and it's thickness is 0,40 mm. At the end I used a tennis ball warped with aluminium foil so I can make the capacitance even greater, of course we have to connect it to the end of the primary coil.
The schematic is from "electroBoom" check out his youtube channel this guy is great! In my occasion R was 10k but I started with 22k, Q = is NPN transistor TIP 31C and D are 2 general diodes IN4007.
If everything is ok turn on the circuit and then place next to the coil a fluorinated lamp and wait for 2-3 seconds. If nothing happens check your connections, most people connect the secondary coil backwards, so here is the most frequent problem. You can connect a heatsink to your transistor, reduce the value of R or increase the turns of the primary coil if you want to make your circuit even stronger. ALWAYS check the heat of your transistor,a big amount of current will make the magic smoke appear so be careful!

And bonus a picture from the museum of Nicola Tesla in Beograd

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