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Control Your Appliances via Bluetooth

This project is the brain of the future house, you can control your home through internet from another place of the world and just an ethernet shield connected to the arduino board, you can control your home through wi-fi with another module, with this circuit I show you, you can control your appliances through bluetooth with your android phone. Based on the project of these Thai guys "http://androidcontrol.blogspot.ie/2014/06/android-bluetooth-control-8-devices.html" and the android app here: " https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.control", now our life can be a lot easier since we can turn on a switch which controls a lamp or the water heater from our bed! The project is based on an arduino, which depending the data it takes from the bluetooth module controls 8 digital pins-outputs which are controlling 8 relays-switches. In my occasion the specs of the relays were : 5V coil, switch 230V. Meaning that the relay could be armed with 5v and can control a load till 230V. The module I got had also 8 LEDs which show when the relay was armed, and also 8 npn transistors and 8 optocouplers which controlled the relay for better protection.

The schematic is very easy to follow and with the arduino code the Thai guys provided, this project can be made in an evening, now depending on your demands you can use it as you like. The video here is very informative and it shows how the program works, it also has 8 independent timers which can be set for different timings. Every time I pressed an output on my phone, a relay was energized and an Led was light on. If I pressed again the same output the relay was de-energized and the Led was light off. Finally I also provide 2 types of code one with active low, meaning all ouputs are off and when you press your phone they go high, and one code active-high meaning all outputs are high, and when you press your phone they go low, I suggest to use the active-low code.
Arduino Code : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ceqntenyh8jbwy4/AABw_n1hyKHJG9HRrZmw4H44a?dl=0

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