Τετάρτη, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Home Built M.A.M.E Arcade Cabinet

3 old PCs, I had to take the best parts from each one

What we have here? Some wood, one monitor and a pc. Let's build an arcade cabinet!

The rain caught us, and we had to move inside.

Velcro to hold the monitor, so we can move it left or right easier and have a perfect orientation.

A cheap woofer, time for operation

The surgery went quite well, now the pot has wires and I connect it, in front of my cabinet.

Second surgery on its way.

Here are the leds, which I use for lighting the marquee.

Connected the usb joystics with the cabinet controls.

12V black-yellow wires! Looks like a nice power supply for the white leds behind the M.A.M.E marquee

The orange and white wires are the power button, I had to cut them and connect them in parallel with the black button in front of the cabinet so that I wouldn't have to bent to power up or power down  the cabinet.

As our old friends, the Chinese used to say "1 picture is 1000 words" not enough to say here. Here is how I build my own arcade cabinet and some friends of mine playing with it. The whole construction is being pictured from scratch till end, and the whole project went quite well. The cabinet was based upon some schematics from knievel and bill's wild west cabinet, so I had to give them some credit!

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